Alain Pineau
Create adults dreams
with a child mind

Alain Pineau founded his design studio in 1989.
His studio was at first mainly dedicated to the world of children, with creations of hundreds of toys, care products, tableware, educational tools, furniture...
Designing for children requires a foolproof command of constraints such as safety standards, ergonomics.
Designing for kids has also enabled Alain to maintain and increase his playfulness and desire, thus intensifying the emotion attractiveness of any design work.
Then he managed to transfer what he learnt working with children to brands which manufacture hi-fi speakers, luxury automobiles or perfumes. Quickly, he has been creating projects for many renowned brands such as Maserati, Focal, Givenchy and Bentley Motors. He understood that an adult’s desire to own an object must be just as strong as that of a child dreaming of a certain toy.
Now, Alain Pineau, renowned signature, became a think tank which accompanies its customers with a true vision of brand strategy.
Alain Pineau works world-wide in fields as varied as sport, television, fashion, automobiles and, of course, always children.


A Parisian designer working
around the world

I am European, Parisian, and I grow our French tradition of creation to serve customers worldwide.
With passion, creativity and listening, I work as craftsmen, caring for every detail.
I love looking at the world around us, observing and exploring all the time.
With my creativity and my design work I try to understand and make it better in an intelligent and harmonious development.
In short, I enjoy to accompany our customers to a sustainable success and happy users.

Alain Pineau working


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It’s all about
the Brand Story

Someone once told me : « All of your projects seem to have been designed by different studios ... » and that is exactly what I want : each client is unique and every project deserves a special code for a singular brand story.
Regardless if it’s a small or a major project, I have one methodology : to listen, investigate, develop and finalise for the best answer. To achieve this goal I have improved some strong and effective methods assisted with our common sense.
In the end, as the French saying « the mind deliberates, and the heart concludes ».

What are we able to do?

A great product is essential, but it must also contribute to a global brand strategy that we define with our clients.
To do this, I extend my work to the Identity (logo, packaging, POS ...), Architecture (shop, displays, stands...) and also Communication Design (catalog, website, movies...).
All that matters is to find the right codes for the best «story telling».
I am proud of what I have achieved over 20 years, but how to choose among so many projects to explain what I can do ?
To create a beautiful tricycle which will introduce the joy of freedom to a child, or to draw a speaker that will delight music lovers ?
Staging the launch of a car which is the masterpiece of the best European specialists, or imagine 26 episodes of a TV serie to help small children discover the world, and in the same time, books and more than 70 toys of these episodes?
Finally, all that matters for me is the achievement of our shared dreams, you will find some examples on the web site.


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